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Len Muller – Liefde is Vrygewig

Len Muller skryf die volgende oor die video:

From very young I was always very aware of the poverty in our country. It affected me so much that I started to avoid going to poor areas and even stopped watching news. Even to this day I have so many questions about it. Why do the majority people in our country have to suffer while such a small percentage people have more than they need?

In 2008 I wrote a song called: ‘Liefde is Vrygewig’. The song was my simple way of expressing what I was feeling in an attempt to give a voice to the voiceless. You see I believe we all have received something we could give and it’s not necessarily money or possessions. God has given us many different gifts to help the poor with. All we need to do is utilize these gifts to not benefit ourselves only but also those around us.

Love is Generous. (Liefde is Vrygewig)

This story started about a week ago when I was talking to a friend who was starting her own film and media company […] I was telling her about the heart of the song and my dream that it could make a difference somehow. We started dreaming together about the possibilities. The idea to make a video showing the poorest of the poorest areas in our city was born. We felt that we could use our art to create awareness and give exposure to some charities working in these areas.

The video with the song could communicate a sense of urgency and call people out of there comfort zones while at the same time inspiring them to get involved somewhere. Nanette Grebe who is probably one of the bravest people I know agreed to shoot the video if I would get a crew of volunteers together. We had two days to do this and also scout locations! We decided on two of the poorest places we know of. Saturday we would shoot Inner-City of Pretoria and Sunday in Mamelodi Township. Without a budget we quickly realized that God had a big hand and heart in this project. We were connected to the right people and most of the plans fell into place even without the adequate preparation time.

By Friday I was close to pull the plug on the project as we still had no crew and the expenses started mounting. However I felt God urging me saying that if I truly believed this was His mission then I don’t really have a choice in the matter. It was a weekend that would shake my whole world and change me forever! This is the ‘Liefde is Vrygewig’ story.