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What we believe…

We believe in God

We believe that before our Moms and Dads even thought of us, God already saw us as part of His bigger picture.

We believe God made everything, from the immense galaxies still undiscovered by man to the smallest worm, and we know God cares for them. He holds the sun and moon and earth in His hand and ensures that the rain falls – in His own time.

We believe in God’s love – because otherwise we would not even be here. It is just love that prevents God from crushing us like ants. And the biggest proof of God’s love? God sent His Son to die for our sins on a wooden cross!

We do not understand everything about God, but that is because He is indeed God.

We believe in Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, but even more than this: we believe that Jesus is God too.

We believe that Joseph and Maria were not intimate before they got married.

We believe that Jesus played in the dust in front of the temple and heard the nonsense people were talking about God and everything about Him. We can see the surprise on the church people’s faces as this young boy speaks about His Father.

We believe that Jesus walked on this earth nearly 2 000 years ago and taught his twelve disciples. We believe that Jesus did all the miracles, even feeding a crowd of people with some fish and bread. We also believe that there was a lot left over.

AND the most important for us: We believe that Christ died for all our sins on the cross. His Blood deleted all our debts on the cross and simply because of that we do not have to carry a heavy burden of debt around with us. Because of Jesus we are free!

We believe that Jesus rose from the dead and vanquished evil.

We believe that Jesus ascended to heaven, is alive, and also sits at God’s right hand.

Yes! Definitely!

We believe in the Holy Spirit

We believe that God put a small piece of His Spirit in us.

We believe that the Holy Spirit leads us. He is a Leader, a Friend, a Comforter, and a Teacher.

We believe that the Holy Spirit “speaks” softly and that we have to be sensitive to “hear” Him. Quotation marks, because we have never heard the Spirit speak in an audible voice. Some people have, but in some way or another we are led somewhere in our thoughts (if we manage to slow down and sit still for once!) to know what is right and what is wrong.

We believe in grace

We believe in grace that is free. If not for God’s great merciful hand, we would never have had a chance of getting to heaven. God overflows with grace and mercy. God cannot stop showering blessings for free on people over and over again.

We believe in angels

We believe there are angels all around us. We believe that in some miraculous way they help to protect us. We believe that one day we will be sitting in heaven watching the DVD of our lives and we will be astonished at the many times we would have fallen over the edge of the cliff if not for God’s angels all around us.

We believe in the Word of God

We believe that God worked in people to pass His words from person to person for many years and that later all His words were written down in one book, the Bible.

We truly believe that God’s Word is a lamp and a light for every step we take in the world out there. Without God’s Word in our life we will have no direction and we will have no idea what to do with our life.

We believe that God’s Word can give every person guidance every day, and will never become outdated or finished. God’s Word is dynamic and we have the utmost respect for it.

We believe in prayer

We cannot do anything but believe in prayer. We don’t know how it works, but God hears every single prayer from His children. And He does not stop at listening, He acts. God is still hearing our prayers today.

We believe that prayer is a conversation with the Almighty God and that by it, one treads on holy ground. It is a two-way conversation and one party does not dominate the conversation.

We believe in our own free will

We believe, to some extent, that God has given us free will. We do not believe that we are simply a gear shift in God’s hand and that God puts us into first gear keeping us there until He thinks the time is right for shifting to second. No, we decide with our own free will.

We believe that our will sometimes pulls away from God and then we sin. When this happens, which is more often than not, we return to point three: We believe in Jesus Christ!

We believe in the “friends of Jesus” group

We believe in the “friends of Jesus” group. We believe that when we were reborn into God’s family we received many (Calvary) blood brothers and sisters.

We truly believe that we have to be there for one another, to support one another in difficult times, to laugh and spend time together, but also have the freedom to, every now and then, rap one another on the knuckles. We do need it.

We believe in the church

This is ever so slightly untrue, because we do not totally believe in the church as we see her looking today. Rather, we believe in a church made up of people and not buildings. The building, with or without a cross, with or without an organ, with or without a pulpit, is simply the hub where the children of God meet to worship God, to help/support/teach one another, and become motivated to make a difference in the world.

We believe that the church is a gift from God to people in the gutters of the world.

We believe in our calling

Because we understand, to some extent, what God has done for us. Because Jesus died for us on the cross, because a piece of God’s Spirit lives in us, we can do nothing else but start doing something.

We believe that God has called us in this place. We do not have to sell everything we own and start teaching Sunday school from an old Fleetline kombi somewhere under a tree in some far-off wilderness.

We believe we are going to heaven one day

We believe that God has given us many gifts to make a difference at home, at work, among our friends and to the stranger who bumps into us now and then. We believe that we are going to heaven one day, not because we have done good deeds, but simply because Jesus has opened the gates to heaven in his death on a wooden cross!