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Your existence is the key to your identity

If you’ve ever battled with the question of identity, I assure you that you are not alone. As a young person there are so many voices trying to direct you.

You may be wondering which to listen to or which not to listen to.

However, before we can truly look into who we are, we have to get to a much more foundational question. We have to learn to walk before we run.

The question we need to come to terms with is: why were we even created, why do we exist to begin with? Have you ever thought of that?

There’s a book in the bible called, Ecclesiastes. It explores the meaning of life. The writer, who has tried all that life can offer, riches, wisdom, relationships, fame and worldly success etc. begins the book by calling it all ‘vanity of vanities” – plainly said, worthless.

 It is not primarily the pursuit of these things that he calls worthless, but that they hold no true ground without the true identity that every created being has been given. To glorify God. That is our sole reason for existence; our identity is unlocked in this.

After speaking about all the pursuits of life, he concludes the book in chapter 12:13 with this:

“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all.”

No one knows a product better than its creator. And because we are created beings, no one knows us better than our Creator, God. A creator ‘creates’ things in order that they may serve a purpose. And the chosen purpose our Creator has given us is to bring glory to Him.

He graciously gives us a manual in which we can find out how to live a life that glorifies Him and teaches us what our true identity is in Christ, when we accept Him as our Saviour. Open that manual today.

Prayer: Dear God, help me to live the purpose of my existence, in the big things and even the mundane things of life. Amen.