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The freedom of being a slave of Christ

This title is contradictory and something that one would only understand if you fully live your identity in Christ. How do I do that? The answer is that you have to die in yourself and be resurrected in Christ (the baptism). It means to set the world and all its aches behind you and to live with Jesus as your Ruler/King – on both an intellectual and physical level. This requires much intimate honesty where you constantly have to ask yourself: am I now following myself, or am I now following Jesus?

Romans 10:9 “If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Lord in Hebrew means kurios = controller/supreme-authority.

Your identity in Christ (that is to die in yourself) is a gift from God which stretches across your entire life. This is a gift that enables us to have everlasting life. Without Jesus Christ we would have only remained unworthy sinners. This is the gift that nourishes our emotional wellbeing, because our eyes are focused on Jesus. Worldly evil, like a bad day or even a tragedy, can’t affect us, because we have left the world behind in baptism. That’s the gift that fills us with strength and joy that boggles the mind.

Challenge: Ask yourself honestly in everything you do: am I following myself or God?

Prayer: Lord, or rather Ruler, thank you that we can die in our sinful nature and arise in You. Thank you that the world and its problems don’t control us. Amen.